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16ème Congrès International OFP

"Présent et Futur de la Paléobotanique en Europe du Sud-Ouest"









     Présent et Futur de la Paléobotanique en Europe du Sud-Ouest





      En l’honneur de Robert H. Wagner


      Aguilar de Campoo (Province de Palencia, Espagne)


      9-11 Septembre 2009


Present and future of Palaeobotany in Southwest Europe is an international congress focussing on a wide spectrum of palaeobotanical and palynological topics conducted by palaeobotanists of the Southwest European region, with collaboration and support of the OFP (Organization of French-speaking Palaeobotanists). The occasion marks the celebration of the research career of Dr. Roberth H. Wagner who has contributed a lifetimes research to the Upper Carboniferous of the North of Spain. The symposium will run for a period of three days including a fieldtrip to Carboniferous fossil sites. A conference dinner will take place on the evening of Friday the 11th of September in the historic city centre.







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