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Agora Paleobotanica 2013 "A Congress in the Countryside"







2nd International Conference of AGORA PALEOBOTANICA entitled “A Congress in the Countryside” will be held in Ariño (Teruel, Spain) from 9th to 13th July, 2013.

This congress is an international meeting to support and encourage the European palaeobotany and especially young researchers in their native language. This is a unique and innovative conference concept coordinating communications with fieldtrips, which will offer a highly mobile congress. The aim is to inform participants in palaeobotanical studies conducted in Teruel of relevant importance for understanding the evolution of floras, providing the opportunity to visit some of the most important Early Cretaceous (Albian) macroflora fossil sites containing primitive angiosperms in several localities of Teruel province.


               Agora Paleobotanica


Agora Paleobotanica is a new organization appeared from the refoundation in 2010 of the OFP (Francophone Organization of Palaeobotany). Agora Paleobotanica is as its name expresses a forum for the discussion of Palaeobotany, a focus of interest in palaeobotanical and palynological research.


After 25 years of recent history the palaeobotanical grouping OFP evolved for adapting to the real constitution of the current group which is composed by almost all representatives of southwestern Europe.



Agora paleobotanica is as its name expresses a forum for discussion of Paleobotany, a focus of interest in palaeobotanical and palynological research.


The current administrative direction is formed by:

     President: José Bienvenido Diez Ferrer (University of Vigo, Spain)

     Secretary: Dario De Franceschi (Natural History Museum of Paris, France)

     Treasurer: Anais Boura (Université Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris, France)




The Organizing Committee is actively soliciting corporate and government sponsorship to keep the registration fee as affordable as possible. At the moment, the congress is possible thanks to the great support provided by:






Ariño is a typical small mining village of Aragón region, located to the north of Teruel province (Community of Aragón, Spain). This village is situated in the Rio Martín Valley, in the center of an area where outcrops of numerous remains of diverse Albian macrofloral and microfloral assemblages with primitive angiosperms have been recently found.
The conference will combine presentations with fieldtrips. The meeting point will be on Tuesday 9th July in the Intermodal Station of Zaragoza (northeastern Spain), well connected with Zaragoza’s Airport (http://www.aeropuertodezaragoza.net/destinos/mapa-destinos-aeropuerto-zaragoza.html) and with the cities of Madrid and Barcelona by high-speed train (http://www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/index.html)

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General Secretary: José B. Diez Ferrer (Bienve), University of Vigo (Spain).
Borja Cascales Miñana, AMAP, UMR, 5120 CNRS-CIRAD, Montpellier (France).
Javier Ferrer Plou, University of Zaragoza (Spain).
Manuel García Ávila, University of Vigo (Spain).
Rafael Moreno Domínguez, University of Zaragoza (Spain).
José Royo Lasarte, Parque Cultural del Río Martín, Ariño (Spain).
Cristóbal Rubio Millán, Paleoymás / University of Zaragoza (Spain).
Raquel Sánchez Pellicer, University of Zaragoza (Spain).
Luis José Sardina Antolín, Barruelo de Santullán (Spain).
Luis Miguel Sender Palomar, University of Zaragoza (Spain).

Uxue Villanueva Amadoz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).





               Language of the Congress


There is no official language of the Congress, all the works could be presented in the native language of each researcher. Speakers are responsible for the language used and the successful receipt of the information by the audience. It is recommended to alternate different languages in the slides of the oral communications.




The programmed fieldtrips include the visits to the interpretation center of the Fossil Wood site of Castellote village, Miocene macroflora site (Konservat-Lagerstätten) in Rubielos de Mora village and Dinópolis museum with a large number of palaeontological specimens including dinosaurs.

It also offers a range of fieldtrips visiting different Early Cretaceous fossil plant sites with primitive angiosperms of Albian age.


               Secretariat and Correspondence


Address all correspondence to:

Dr. José B. Diez Ferrer (Bienve)
Dpto. Geociencias Marinas y Ordenación del Territorio
Facultad de Ciencias del Mar, Universidad de Vigo, 36310 Vigo
Phone: + 34 986812622
Contact: arino2013@grupopaleobotanicaiberica.es








Four days of sessions, lectures, poster sessions and fieldtrips are programmed.
Keynote lectures on topics of broad interest will highlight selected palaeobotanical themes.


        - 10:00 - The meeting point of the congress for participants will held on the information point of the Intermodal Station in            Zaragoza.





               Registration fees


Congress registration fees (*):


Before May 15th 2013

After May 15th 2013


Members of Agora Paleobotanica

No Members Agora Paleobotanica


Full members

400 €

450 €

500 €


300 €

325 €

400 €


(*) The registration fees include: registration, proceedings and symposium materials, all ground transportation of fieldtrips, tickets, accommodation and meals.

The Organizing Committee will arrange and distribute accommodation for participants in double rooms so please do not hesitate to contact us for preferential roommates. Moreover, the participants could choose a single room option.
The return is scheduled on Saturday morning 13th returning to the same starting point of 9th July (Intermodal Station of Zaragoza).
Note: Please inform the Organization if you need to arrive before the scheduled time (11h) on Saturday morning 13th.



Accompanying person fees

Due to some requests received from the assisting people about the fee of accompanying people, the Organizing Committee has included a special fee. The Organizing Committee will apply two modalities of the accompanying person registration fee.

  1. Half registration: Independent accompanying person (preferrably with its own transport). The fee of 170 euros only includes accommodation, half board (breakfast and dinner) and Conference dinner.
  2. Full registration: Accompanying person (not under-age) who will follow the congress. The fee of 300 euros includes all the activities of the congress (accommodation, welcome reception, coffee breaks, fieldtrips, transport, full board and Conference dinner).

The Organizing Committee have not planned a programme of tours or events for accompanied persons. Although there are many interesting tourist attraction in the surrounding areas of Ariño, they are far enough to guarantee a touristic plan parallel to the congress activities. However, we suggest you an interesting sights and ideas (http://www.turismoandorrasierradearcos.com) close to Ariño that these people could visit.
Note: The number of accompanying person with a full registration fee modality is limited to the disponibility of places.


               Registration process


Due to the complexity of the congress and in order to improve the organization of this event, please follow the easy 3-step centre registration process outlined below.

Step 1:

Fill out the application form on the website of the congress.
The pre-registered people before the second circular preserve their right of admission until March 15, however, they also must fill in the registration form as additional information is required.

Step 2:

After the receipt and confirmation of the registration form, the Organization will send you the account number for the payment of the registration fees of the congress. Participants will be required to make their deposit within the following 2 weeks to confirm places.

Step 3:

After the confirmation of the final registration by the Organization, you will be able to submit the abstracts of your communications.



Note 1: Those people pre-registered at this Congress retain their place reservation until the day March 15th. From that date the Organizing Committee (arino2013@grupopaleobotanicaiberica.es) cannot ensure places, so the pre-registered people must complete the registration form.

Note 2: We encourage participants to let us know any changes of their intentions during the programme of the congress that could affect it. For example, if any participant intends to return before Saturday July 13 by their own, the Organization may know it for redistributing people in vans for the convenience of the participants.

Note 3: For any event out of the congress program, the Organizing Committee will be happy to help you with any additional information you may require (for example if you plan to stay in Zaragoza the night before and/or after the congress we could suggest you some hotels/hostels). If you plan to visit the collections of the Earth Sciences of the University of Zaragoza on Saturday July 13 please contact the Organization.



               Social Programme


An icebreaker party will take place on the evening of the 9th of July 2013 at the Interpretation Center of Rupestrial Art “Antonio Beltrán” in Ariño. A conference dinner will be offered (date and cost to be confirmed). The Organizing Committee will arrange several interesting palaeobotanical tours, which are included in the registration fee. There are also numerous interesting touristic places to visit at the surrounding areas of Ariño for accompanying persons if they are using their private vehicles: hot springs, Arcos Mountain and Martin River valley, many caves with rupestrial art, vineyards and many colorful and picturesque villages of Teruel Province. For further details contact with the Organization.

               Publication of the works


After the meeting, a special volume will be edited in the journal of Historical Biology (current IF = 1.068) with the papers related to the extended abstracts submitted to the congress. Further information will be provided in next circulars and during the meeting. Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and they must be written in English language.



All participants in this congress are advised to take out their own private medical cover and personal insurance for the duration of the Congress and accompanying field excursions.

               Important Dates (New Dates)


15th May31th May – Deadline for registration without additional fees.
30th May7th June – Deadline for abstract submission.
25th June 28th June – T he final program will be send to all participants.
9th July – First day of meeting.



After meeting, a special volume will be edited in the journal Historical Biology (current IF = 1.068) with the papers related to the extended abstracts submitted to the congress. Further information will be provided in next circulars and during the meeting. Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and they must be written in English language.



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